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Latest News will be shown here. e,g The Group has nationwide industrial and trading ventures in each province backed by a supporting network of offices in the business areas of Mardan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi.
Company Registration No.: 0000068 NTN No.: 1157773-8
"The Premier Sugar Mills & Distillery Company Limited (the Company) was incorporated on 24 July, 1944 as a Public Company and its shares are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Company is principally engaged in manufacturing and sale of white sugar and spirit including the following:"
  • To purchase, manufacture, produce, refine, prepare, import, export, sell and generally to deal in sugar, sugarcane, sugar beets, gur, jaggery, molasses, syrups and melada and alcohol and all products or by-products thereof and food products generally and in connection therewith to acquire, erect, construct, establish, operate and maintain sugar or other refineries, buildings, mills, factories, distilleries and other works;

  • To manufacture any other article or articles of food made from cereals, fruits, vegetables, seeds or oils, etc.;

  • To manufacture chemicals of all description, to prepare drugs and medicines;

  • To manufacture starch and yeast floor from maize, wheat or any other material;

  • To manufacture straw-boards and paper;

  • To plant, cultivate, produce and raise sugarcane, maize, sugar beets and/or any other agricultural crops;

  • To acquire by purchase, mortgage, lease, exchange, or otherwise, any moveable or immovable property, patents, inventions licenses, secret formula or processes, rights or privileges which the Company may think necessary or convenient for the purpose of its business and to construct, erect, manage, improve, alter, extend, demolish or reconstruct any buildings, machineries or works necessary or convenient of the purposes of the Company;

  • To sell and purchase from time to time and deal in all such stock in trade, goods, chattels and effects as may be necessary or convenient for any business, for the time being, carried on by the Company an especially sugar, sugarcane, raw sugar, gur, molasses cereals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, oil, mill stores, stocks, spare machinery and all other materials or things necessary for the same;

  • To purchase or otherwise acquire, by cultivation or any other manner, seeds and agricultural product of any description which may be necessary or be required for the production of sugar and its by-products, or the manufacture of any material, or article which the Company is authorized under;

  • To establish, in Pakistan or elsewhere, agencies or branches for the purchase and sale of goods of all description;

  • To appoint agents to assist the working of the Company with such powers and on such terms as the Company may generally or in any special case determine;

  • Any other business as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association.